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Sri Guru Hargobind Public Sr. Sec. School

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Welcome To Sri Guru Hargobind Public Sr. Sec. School

In case of any complaint regarding syllabus completion copy correction etc. kindly communicate with the principal or the class teacher. Kindly adhere to the timings to meet the principal in case you have to discuss/ communicate to her.

Timings to meet the principal
Summer : 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Winter :12:00 Noon – 2:00 PM

In case of an emergency parents can contact the principal through the school reception

A close understanding between child's home and school enables him/her to find happiness and meaning of education.
• Since the school has English as the medium of instruction the students should be encouraged to converse in English at home.
• Parents are requested not to enter the school premises when the classes are in progress.
• Parent should co – operate with the school in maintaining discipline and in inculcating good social & moral values.
• Parents are requested to go through their ward's almanac regularly and ensure action accordingly.
• Remarks given by teachers should be signed without fail.
• Criticism of teachers should be scrupulously avoided in the presence of their wards. If Parents have legitimate complaint, they should bring it to the notice of the Principal.
• They should help their wards to improve their handwriting & maintain their books and notebooks properly.
• Plan your vacation/outing according to the school planner. No leave will be granted during examination.
• It is advisable not to take your ward home during school hours except in extreme exigencies. Parents taking children out before school time first take gate pass from the incharge & deposit the same with the gatekeeper.
• Any behavioural observation in child at home should at once be brought to the notice of the school authorities
• A student with 100% attendance will be given an award at the end of the academic session

As per instructions printed on the fee card ,issued to the students the fee will be collected in the Account Office in the school premises from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm Fee for April along with annual charges to be deposited by 15th April, for May & June by 15th May, for July & August by 15 July, September & October by 15 September, for November & December by 15 November, January to March by 15th January.

Note :
1) Fee alongwith late fee @ Rs. 5/- Per day from the last date of fee collection will be accepted upto one month. The students name will be struck off the rolls if he/she fails to pay the charges even with the late fee upto the grace period of one month. Re-admission if granted, will be done on payment of Rs. 1000/-.
2) Students coming from unrecognized schools will have to pay fee for the whole session, no matter when they join.

A parents who wishes to withdraw his ward must apply for the same before the month ends, else the fee for the next month will be charged.

Fee structure 2015-16.







Per Month











Note:- Admission security will be refunded at the time of leaving the school. If the security is not claimed within six months of child's leaving the school, it will be Forfeited.The management reserves the right to review the fee structure and other changes during the session.
3. School charges once paid are not refundable, (except advance fee which includes tution fee, smart class and computer fee).

School Uniform:
L.K.G. to 1st
Shirt : White shirt with red check collar and cuffs, half sleeves for summer
Skirt : Red check skirt full pleats of 2 inches
Pent/ shorts : Red pent
Socks : Red
Patka : Red

IInd to XII
Ribbon : Monday to Friday- Bottle Green
Saturday- White
Shirt : Cream shirt with green stripes
Dupatta : Bottle green attached with shirt
Salwar/skirts: Bottle Green, Skirt full box pleats of 2 inches

Shirt : Cream shirt with green stripes
Turban : Bottle Green, compulsory turban from

8th to 10+2 for Sikh students
Pent : Bottle Green + 16 inches bottom
Belt : Green
Shoes : Black Leather- Monday to Friday
White shoes – Saturday
Hair : No use of gel, soldier cut

Girls : Two plaits – L.K.G. to 10th class
One Plaits - +1 and +2 class

House System
In order to develop sense of belongingness to a group, to inculcate healthy competitive spirit, to ensure the balanced growth of the students physically, intellectually and spiritually, the students have been grouped into four houses
Peace House
Charity House
Wisdom House
Courage House

The house captain and Vice Captain are closely associated with and are responsible for carrying out the programmes of their respective houses under the guidance of their house In charges. Each house remains on duty for a full week. The house on duty selects students to perform various duties allocated to them.

Discipline :
A system of discipline card is incorporated into school's working. The students are thus made aware of the consequences of being indisciplined or being indifferent towards their studies.
Any child who is found creating indiscipline , shouting, hooting, using abusive language, missing a class or found being disrespectful and rude is liable to be punished with a card. Improper uniform, incomplete homework or damage to school property also get a card. Stealing, using unfair means during examination, hitting other student etc. are considered to be serious offences and depending upon the seriousness of the offence the child may be issued a yellow card. Three yellow cards will carry one red card . 2 red cards shall mean withdrawal of the student from the school.

Leave of absence and fine :
1. The leave application should be sent to the school on the day for which the leave is sought duly countersigned, preferably by father.
2. During tests and Examination no leave will be allowed except on medical grounds and a medical certificate from authorized Medical Officer has to be attached alongwith. But the child in no case will be allowed to appear for the missed test.
3. Long leave shall not be allowed ordinarily except under very special circumstances which have to be clearly stated in the application to convince the school authorities. Prior sanction of long leave is must.
4. If a child is continuously absent for six working days, without any authorization, his/her name shall be struck off the rolls of the school. He/she may be re-admitted to the school on payment of re-admission of Rs. 1000/.
5. Half day leave is not permitted. It is however granted on medical grounds or in case of emergency only. Written application from parents must be there in case of leave required for ward during school hours.
6. Regular attendance ensures steady academics and personality growth.

School Timings
WINTER 8:55 AM TO 3:00 PM
SUMMER 8:00 AM TO 2:00 PM


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