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Admission Rules

Admission is confined to those classes only where there is vacancy. Parents who want to get their children admitted in school should get their names registered in the school's office. Registration, only make the child eligible for interview & admission test. It does not guarantee admission.

1. Before seeking Admission for his/her ward in the school the guardian/parents is expected to go through the various rules given in the prospectus. The prospectus along with the registration form is available in the school office.

2. Since the number of students in each class is limited, admission will be made strictly on merit.

3. A student coming from other institution will have to appear in a pre-admission test and will be placed in the standard most suited to his attainment as assessed by the principal.

4. Parents/ Guardians must provide birth certificate of their ward from the Municipal Corporation in order to get admission in the Nursery Class. For admission to primary and higher classes , It is compulsory for the students to submit a transfer certificate or school leaving certificate from the school last attended along with the progress report card.

5. The school leaving/transfer certificate should be duly counter signed by the Board Authorities from which they migrate.

6. Besides, particulars in the admission form must be the same as in the date of birth certificate/school leaving certificate.

1. No formal Examination for kindergarten.
2. Grading system is followed, the grades are:-
'OS' – Outstanding
'A ' – Excellent
'B' – Very Good
'C' – Good
'D' – No Improvement

The decision of the Principal in the matter of promotion will be final.

Class I to V
1. There is formal examination system for classes I to V
2. The whole syllabus has been divided into four units.

Unit Evaluation Schedule
May – Second week
September – third Week
December – Third Week
March – First Week

Class VI to X
1. For classes VI to X Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE)
2. Two Terms: April –September and October – March

Each term includes two Formative Assessments and one Summative assessment.
Final Consolidated Result will include 40% weight age of Formative and 60% weight age of summative assessment.


Type of Assessment Percentage of weightage in academic session Month Term wise weightage

First Term
Formative assessment-1
FA-1+FA-2 = 20%
Formative Assessment -2 10% July-August SA-1 =30%
Summative Assessment  -1 30% September  

Second Term
Formative assessment-3
October – November
FA-3+FA-4= 20%
Formative Assessment -4 10% January- February SA-2=30%
Summative Assessment  -2 30% March  

Total Formative assessments= FA-1+FA-2 + FA-3+FA-4 = 40%
Summative Assessments= SA-1+SA-2 = 60%

3. For Class XI, 40 % of the marks obtained by student in Sept. and Dec. + 60% of the marks obtained in March are carried for the Final Consolidated Result of the student.

Students must get 40 % marks in each subject and at least 50% marks in aggregate to qualify himself/herself for promotion to the next higher class. However the decision of the Principal in the matter of promotion will be final. A student who remains absent in an examination for any reason shall not be re-examined. A student who fails in the consolidated final result ceases to be on the rolls of school on 31st of March.

PTM is regular feature after the each formative and Summative assessment. During these meetings, teachers can directly communicate with parents and discuss various issues pertaining to student's performance and progress. Likewise, parents can also convey their messages, concerns, doubts and feedback.


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